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E-Commerce Made Easy
  E-Commerce should not be a big mystery to the user or the seller. It is a simple transaction of offering an item for sale and the end-user being able to select the item, place the order, pay for the order and receive the order. Sounds easy enough right?
  The first four items are all possible via the Internet. And depending on the product, receiving the purchased item is also feasible, depending on the product. There are countless ways to create an Internet store, ranging from nominal costs to 10s of thousands of dollars. You can do it yourself if you have the time, talent and patience, or you can pay a professional to do the work. The optimum word here is "professional."
  E-Commerce is serious business these days and people are making serious money from web transactions. Here are some common facts about business on the Internet.

  • The average user is 39 years old.
  • The median income of the average user is more than $40,000 per year.
  • There is no disparity in usage between men and women.
  • Online buyers are not afraid to shop around for the best price for the product they are seeking.
  • Online buyers know what they are seeking to purchase - impulse buying is at a minimum.
  • Loyalty lasts only as long as the product is delivered and the shopping experience is simple to follow.
  • The revenue from Internet purchases in the Q4 of 2003 was estimated at $17 billion dollars.

  The E-commerce solution provided by Huskie Internet Productions does not require a "rocket scientist" to maintain. Our web shop is a javascript solution that runs on the user's workstation and does not require constant interaction with a remote server to log each transaction in a "cart". The only time the buyer intereacts with the remote server is to look at more inventory and to complete the transaction.
  The key elements to our solution are speed and ease of maintenance. It does not work off a database, it does not require a transaction to interact with other programs to make a purchase. The buyer selects an item, clicks on a button and the transaction is done in a matter of a mere second. Our solution is also low-cost, which makes it affordable for the small business with limited budgets.
  We stress that our solution is for the small business. but not necessarily a small site. Our largest customer has more than 9,000 items in their online store. Our smallest has 10.
  We invite you to check out our solution by visiting, an online site for automotive speciality parts.
  If you like what you see, contact us and let us show you how simple E-Commerce can be.


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