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Professional Designs at Low Costs
  Huskie prides itself in creating unique websites for each client. We feel that each site deserves individual attention and should not receive a "cookie-cutter" template solution.
  After the initial consultation, we create several "mock-ups" that we feel match the business and personality of the client. We strive to create websites that are not only appealing, but take advantage of the insight we have gained in building websites in relation to search engine placement, ease of use and speed of processing.
  After reaching agreement with the client as to the design of the site, we then create a working base model of the site to ensure the transition from drawing board to reality meets everyone's expectations. Again after obtaining client approval, we then work with the client to get the appropriate wording for text portions of the site, and create additional graphics as necessary.
  Once all the pieces of the puzzle are placed together in the proper web coding, we then work with the client to enhance the product to ensure the message is delivered as easily as possible to the web user. We create all the initial pages for the website and post to a "test-area" for the client to play with the site and provide additional feedback and "tweaking" where necessary. This is also part of the Quality Control effort to make sure all links are working, spelling and product pricing is correct and the "Shopping Cart" is functioning properly.
  After final approval from the client, the website is migrated to a live hosting server where it will be open for business. During the initial 3 months of the site being live, we work on search engine positioning, tweaking verbiage and re-submitting until we feel we have placed the site appropriately in the necessary categories and search engines. (We cannot guarantee search engine placement, but we do feel we are highly successful at getting sites we create ranked in the top two pages of a normal search inquiry.)
  At this stage of the development cycle, we can show the client how to add and subtract products from their online shop and how to use templates we provide with the site to add additional pages and links. As much as we would love to "hand-hold" every client that we obtain and manage each and every site we build, this would increase our costs - and yours. We feel it is more to our advantage to work with our clients and educate them in simple web management.

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