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Solutions That Make Sense

  Huskie Internet has been specializing in web design and development since 1996 for small businesses in Lakeland and Central Florida that want to find an Internet niche. We offer high quality - low cost solutions that can expand as your needs grow.

We work like dogs
for scraps

  Is your website stale? Does it lack pizzazz? This month we are rebuilding websites for $199.00**. All you have to do is agree to a 12-month hosting contract at $14.95 per month and we will custom "redesign" your website to your satisfaction. You can save as much as $800.00 in standard web building costs. And since our sites are built by hand and not from software templates - each web site is unique.

  Every business deserves a web style that reflects their business. We create each site from hand after meeting and setting goals with our clients and agreeing on a path to bring the site to life.
  Our E-Commerce solution does not require special software and special hardware to run and our clients are trained in its usage so they don't have to depend (and pay) us to increase the size of their inventory.

  We invite you to learn more about how the web can be affordable for any business and does not require constant attention to technical details, only to handling incoming orders. To learn more about the Huskie solution, click on the "E-Commerce" button at the top of this page.
  There is far more to having a successful web presence than just having a web site. Before you make a decision, make a commitment to learn what the Internet can AND can't do for you.

  Our Business Creed
We BELIEVE that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the Internet Marketplace.
We BELIEVE that the cost of E-Commerce should be affordable and profitable for the client.
We BELIEVE that each client is unique and deserves to portray their business, not our technical skills.
We BELIEVE it is our responsibility to listen, learn, teach and grow with our clients.
We BELIEVE that the job is not done until the client and the customer are satisfied.

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